Rampage Records (1989)

Definition of NITRO  "nitro (ni-tro) n. An explosive, C3N3H5O9, used in dynamite..."

O.F.R. (Out F**king Rageous) is the incendiary Rampage debut of NITRO, featuring the fastest guitars, the highest screams, and the loudest drums ever recorded.

Vocalist Jim Gillette, guitarist Michael Angelo, bassist T.J. Racer, and former Vinnie Vincent Invasion drummer Bobby Rock, have delivered an attitude-filled album containing a huge musical vocabulary - literally stretching the musical envelope of hard rock beyond its previous boundaries.

"We wanted to do things that have never been done on a record and did them," explains Angelo. Gillette jumps in, "our production is totally dry. We don't want to use effects because we are the effect."

Nitro came together when guitarist-extraordinaire Angelo met the Master of metal vocals, Gillette, at a beach party. The two first collaborated on Gillette's solo album, Proud To Be Loud. They form a perfect musical union since both take their musicianship to the greatest extreme.

"We take it to the f**king extreme," says Gillette. "Yeah and it's not contrived," explains Angelo, "it's just the way we are."

Angelo is known for his invention of the Double-V-Neck guitar now on display at Chicago's Hard Rock Cafe. For the album, he designed the Quad Guitar X-400 which was built by Wayne Charvel. Not only does this guitar have four necks in an X formation, each neck has seven strings.

"I added a high A string so now my guitar has an extra high octave," Angelo explains. "Now it's super fast and wild, in the mandolin range."

Gillette takes his voice to the same level of extremes. During Nitro concerts, Gillette shatters glass (imported crystal wine goblets) with a powerful, perfectly pitched scream. He has a six octave range, sings with 10 different voices on O.F.R., holds a 32 second scream, and sings a soprano high D which is devastating on equipment.

"I blow up p.a.s all the time," Gillette laughs. "The tweeters just can't f**king handle it."

Both Angelo and Gillette are known for their instructional merchandise. Angelo has sold over 100,000 copies of his Star Licks video and is included in the "Best of Star Licks" video. Gillette runs his own instructional series, "Jim Gillette's Metal Power." The vocalist's student enrollment is over 100,000. It was through one of Gillette's students that the band found bassist T.J. Racer.

Racer hails from the Mid-West and is described as the wildest thing with four strings. T.J. thrashes and bashes on stage in a fast-paced fit of fury that must be seen to be believed.

Filling in for Nitro with his explosive drumming is Bobby Rock. The boys explained, "our record deal happened so fast that we knew "Bobby was the only guy we could find who could even attempt playing at Nitro speed. So we called 'home boy' in and had him play everything he knew and some things he didn't even know he knew."

Nitro deals out the hardest, fastest metal at all costs. From the multi-voiced runaway-train-guitar of the single, "Freight Train," to the cranking, nail it to the wall, "Machine Gunn Eddie," Nitro proves itself a genuine metal band with true emotion, evident in "Long Way From Home."

"If this album doesn't rock your ass off," warns Gillette, "you better call the coroner 'cause you must be dead."

The band will take its ear-splitting metal to the streets this summer where their stage antics will thrill and amaze. No one can do what Nitro does!

"The bottom line is our gimmicks are real," explains Angelo. "Yes, I play a four-neck guitar and Jim shatters glass with his voice, but we're really doing it, just like Gene Simmons really breathed fire."

And there's no recovering form Nitro's O.F.R. After this album, there is no comparison.

"It's addictive," says Angelo. "After you hear O.F.R., fast doesn't seem fast and high doesn't seem high."

With bigger stacked harmonies than Queen, a vocal range that starts where Halford and Tate stop, faster, wilder and more sophisticated guitar work than Yngwie Malmsteen, and hooks that will burn into your brain, Nitro is sure to become the biggest metal debut of 1989 which will set the trend for metal in the '90s.

NITRO is...
Jim Gillette -- Vocals
Michael Angelo -- Guitars
Bobby Rock -- Drums
T.J. Racer -- Bass