"A Cheesy Beginning"

C.w.a. (Cheeseheads With Attitude) was formed in September of 1996 at a sports bar after the pack lost to the Vikings. Then some purple clad foe decided to rub it in and St. Evie said "don't #*@? with us we're Cheeseheads with an attitude! This in turn became a laugh with the guys at the table and C.W.A. was born. St. Evie decide to take some songs and parody them like weird al' Yankovic did. "after a few days of singing to the radio and going through my CD collection I came up with what would become Wisconsin and Packer music history and i did'nt even try." says the brainchild of Wisconsin's favorite packer support band. Those sayings (songs) "Im a Cheesehead Baby" or "Where the Hell is Neenah?" are both so well known in Wisconsin that if you say or sing those phrases anywhere or anytime most everybody will break into laughter and know exactly where it came from. The C.W.A. debut CD was released in November of 1996 and became a huge smash almost overnight. "Straight Outta Wisconsin" sold over 30,000 copies in less than 2 months during the packers Superbowl winning 1996-97 season! "we outsold Garth Brooks and the Spice Girls during Christmas of 1996", however that was just in one market in the whole united states says the head Cheesehead!

"CWA in 1993"

St. Evie & super j. (a.k.a. Jamies Fonte) originally had a trio rap group in the works as early as 1993 but this group was to be called Brick City Boys. B.C.B. included Mr.. Green (a.k.a. Michael Lean, former drummer from st. Evie a.k.a. Stevie Rachelles old band Tuff). However Mr.. Green opted to open a coffee & bagel shop and St. Evie took the rap trio idea to a new level with Super J. And the third purebred Cheesehead, Foolio (a.k.a. Mark Stadler). St. Evie a native Wisconsinite from good old Oshkosh teamed up with the Milwaukee born Super J. and Foolio and the rest is history! Please see the photo section of this site and you will see photos from C.W.A. and the "Brick City Boys" first and only ever photo shoot from 1993!

"Fall 1998 & the 3rd CWA CD"

Now its 2 years later and the group has just released it's third CD "Say Cheese!". Last year C.W.A. put out their debut home video "Straight Outta Titletown" along with the second CD "Cheeseheads for Life", but this only happened because of the huge hit debut release "Straight Outta Wisconsin". C.W.A. has had some of the premiere packer support songs over the last "2" seasons with hits like "Where the Hell is Neenah?", "Cheesehead Baby" & "P-A-C-K". "we owe it all to the fans and the radio stations who play us" says Foolio, "and lets not forget the press, t.v. news stations and the great success of the pack!" a direct quote from the Oshkosh B'gosher himself, St. Evie. "its almost fall and that means its time for football, so fire up the grill, turn on the big screen and get out of the way" Super J.'s final words.

'2003 Bio'

Cheeseheads with Attitude (C.W.A.) burst onto the airwaves with their debut “Straight outta Wisconsin ” in the fall of 1996. The smash hit “Cheesehad Baby” (Beck / Loser Baby) was played predominantly in Wisconsin but gained National attention on ESPN’s “The Sports Babe.” The group also saw major press & radio play throughout the Packers playoff run right up to their win of Super Bowl XXXI in New Orleans . C.W.A. had an even bigger hit locally with “Where the Hell is Neenah ?” (Tone Loc / Funky Cold Medina), which was #1 for a solid month in N.E. Wisconsin. “The Cheeseheads have been out selling the Spice Girls & Garth Brooks in many of our Wisconsin based stores during the Holiday shopping season (1996).” said Musicland/Sam Goody Group district manager Deb Stepanski. C.W.A. took their show on the road and played sports bars, bowling alleys, tailgate parties, live on the radio & TV and even at elementary schools during lunch hours. The follow-up “Cheeseheads for Life” hit the streets during September 1997 & “P-A-C-K” (Village People / Y-M-C-A) again became a mainstay on many Wisconsin radio stations. This second CD was accompanied by the VHS release “Straight outta Titletown” along with several Wisconsin radio, TV and special event appearances. The band was chosen and performed at the official Super Bowl XXXII Pep-Rally in downtown San Diego in January 1998. The Packers loss at their second straight Super Bowl appearance was a low point for fans but that did not stop C.W.A. from releasing a third disc. “Say Cheese” hit the streets in August of 1998 with the premiere radio tracks “Talkin’ Packers with me” (Poison / Talk Dirty to me) & “Back to the Super Bowl” (Joan Jett / I Love Rock n’ Roll). C.W.A. was a household name amongst Packer fans everywhere & coined the biggest sports parody group in the World.

Now it’s been a full five years between releases and C.W.A. is back with their “Greatest Slices of…C.W.A.” This CD has all of the above mentioned hit tracks & more from the first three releases along with two new tracks. “Beer-Wit-Da-Brat” (Kid Rock / Bawitdaba) and “Packer Fans” (Kid Rock / Only God Knows Why) are the newest tunes for 2003. “Pig Skin Fans” & “Beer-Wit-Da-Brat” are also included as ‘All-League’ mixes. Milwaukee native Super J. says “We wanted the rest of the NFL fans to enjoy what Packer fans have been enjoying for years.” C.W.A. founding member St. Evie says; “Our songs are always from the heart, & Green Bay is in our hearts, but football in general is something we love. So for that these ‘All-League’ mixes represent everything from John Madden, to ESPN & Monday Night Football. We love it all & watch these events faithfully.” “It’s time for some football & even more so, it’s time for some music to appreciate it. Play these songs & the fans will love it too!” says C.W.A. member Foolio.


C.W.A. Stats, Facts & Figures!


* C.W.A. has sold roughly 50,000 combined units to date.

* C.W.A. has been recognized by the official Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame!

* C.W.A. played to 10,000 people at the Super Bowl XXXII pep-rally in San Diego .

* C.W.A. has a combined weight of over 600 lbs.

* C.W.A. wear authentic NFL/Green Bay Packers football pants when performing.
* C.W.A. are all Wisconsin pure breeds but currently reside in California .
* C.W.A. plays parodies of famous hits songs like Weird Al Yankovic.
* C.W.A. has a combined age of over 100 years.

* C.W.A. has never met, or hung out with Brett Favre, yet?